Berlin Dataset Sample

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 ✔   Semantic Point Cloud
 ✔   Vehicle Trajectory
 ✔   Geo-referenced Imagery
 ✔   Detailed Data Specification & Benchmark

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Imagine the possibilities

Centimeter precision 3D Maps, created and updated in 24h.

Localize anywhere

  • 3D maps for sensor-agnostic localization 
  • Map-data catalogue (e.g. city scale map of Berlin)
  • On-demand map creation and dynamic updates

Large scale analytics

  • Digital access to state and location of publicly deployed real world assets (e.g. signs, street lights)
  • Semantic Segmentation with standard or custom object classes
  • Thousands of geo-referenced images per kilometer
  • Fleet deployment for dynamic updates

Artisense Data Products

Semantic Point Cloud

Artisense 3D Point Clouds are selective and lightweight, focusing on relevant key features. All points in the map are assigned to specific classes identifying objects in the world.
This includes road furniture, buildings, trees, and many more.


Vehicle Trajectory

The trajectories of all sensor-equipped vehicles are tracked in global coordinates by the system. Tracking works in all environments, including tunnels and indoors.
Vehicle trajectories provide information about human driving behavior.


Geo-referenced Imagery

For each kilometer of map Artisense creates thousands of accurately geo-referenced images. 
These images provide information about location and state of real world assets, as well as traffic over time.

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